Not only does everyone with Celiac Disease experience different symptoms, but they also have different stories. Check out the stories people have already shared, and share your story, too.

  • Meet Henry

    Henry had symptoms of vomiting, stomach pain, constipation, diarrhea, irritability, depression, headache, fatigue and gas all through his childhood. It wasn't until a pre-op exam for surgery that he was accidentally diagnosed. Watch as Henry and his mother share this story.

  • Meet Karen

    Karen had stomach pain for years and was diagnosed with IBS.  It wasn’t until she began losing weight rapidly that she was tested for celiac disease. Watch as Karen describes her journey.

  • Meet Ken

    Ken learned that he and several members of his family had celiac disease after his father was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. Watch the story of Ken and his family.

  1. henry-thumbMeet Henry
  2. KarenMeet Karen
  3. KenMeet Ken

Heather’s Story


My name is Heather and I have had what I now know is Type II refractory celiac disease for as long as I can remember. I can recall suffering as a child, but no doctor was ever able to make … read more


Mason’s Story


In 2007 my 5 year old son, Mason, was failing to thrive when we went to see our family physician. What was supposed to be a routine pre-kindergarten checkup quickly became a life-changing appointment. Mason had not grown in over … read more


Barbara’s Story

STOMACH-PAIN_editDespressionItchy Skin Rashdiscolored-teethirritabilitygasFatigueConstipationBloating

My name is Barbara and I am 42 years old. For the past year I had been having terrible bloating, sharp stomach pain, and my fatigue levels were like they’ve never been before. I kept gaining weight.  Over the summer, … read more

Jaclyn’s Story


During a normal summer at camp, I began getting horrible stomach aches and rapidly losing weight. I came home in constant pain and much thinner. The pain became unbearable, like someone taking a knife and twisting it back and fourth … read more

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Rebecca’s Story

STOMACH-PAIN_editDespressionItchy Skin Rashirritabilitygaspale-mouth-soresBloatingdiarrhea

Almost my entire father’s side had been diagnosed with celiac disease when I was in high school, but when I took a blood test it came back negative. About six years later, when i was in college, I began to … read more

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