My name is Barbara and I am 42 years old. For the past year I had been having terrible bloating, sharp stomach pain, and my fatigue levels were like they’ve never been before. I kept gaining weight.  Over the summer, all I could do was watch my two kids play while I was lying on the sofa. I was convinced I had cancer in the stomach.  My 10 year old daughter Angela had started having stomach pain and had not been thriving for the past years.  At the end of August, her pediatrician diagnosed her with celiac disease. My husband and I then got tested for celiac and found out he has the rare DQ8 gene, and I the DQ2 one, which are the two specific genes needed for celiac disease to happen.  My eight year old son Marco still needs to be tested for celiac.

We are now all gluten free.   We cleared the house of any gluten-containing products or contaminated appliances, bought new ones and did a lot of research on the subject. I bought a couple of slow cookers, cook a lot, and we only eat in one restaurant in Clifton NJ where both the father and the daughter have celiac.  We have learnt that GF is not necessarily GF. We started buying ONLY gluten free certified products, and have our own GF food tester.

We certainly do not have any more bloating or pain. Angela has been growing very quickly. She gained more weight and her complexion looks much, much better!